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 World Trip Earning APK, World Trip App Referral Code, World Trip App Refer & Earn, World Trip App PayTM Proof, World Trip Taurus App, World Trip New Earning App, World Trip Dog, World Trip Bonus: friends, today we again bring you information about a very best money-making game application. If you are fond of playing games and you want to earn money along with playing games, then this gaming application is going to be very useful for you. Because in this gaming application you get very easy and best way to earn money up to ₹350 daily and ₹10000 monthly.

If you want to earn money along with gaming then you can download this gaming application to your smartphone instantly. You get to play games according to your skill in this gaming application. You can earn more money by inviting your friends to play games in this application. The more games you invite people to play here, the higher your ranking will increase and the more money you can earn from here. Fore More Earning App Visit :

About World Trip Earning APK, World Trip Taurus App

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About World Trip Earning APK, World Trip Taurus App

World Trip Earning App is the very best skill-based game application. In this game, you have to travel around the world with your dog. Your ranking increases as you move around with your dog. As your ranking increases, your income is also incremented accordingly. Here you get a lot of rewards according to the ranking. Not only this, in this application, you can transfer whatever income you make directly to your bank account.

Introduction to World Trip Bonus Dog? What is a World Trip Bonus Dog?

1. A Global Bonus Dog is the only credential to share ads earnings of The World Walk. 20% of the ads earnings is distributed to all Global Bonus Dog owners equally, which means that a Global Bonus Dog is allocated with bonuses from the platform every day.

2. 100,000 Bonus Dogs are available and 100 produced every day until the ceiling. Early participants enjoy more advantages.

3. The winners of a Bonus Dog will be announced online for maximum openness and transparency.

How to get a Bonus Dog?

1. Random from synthesizing 2 Lv. 37 dogs;

2. Generated by synthesizing the 5 dogs of “Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania”;

3. Definite by personal unremitting efforts.

Bonus Dogs are not available for sales to ensure fairness of all players.

How to get bonuses?

At 12:00 a.m. every day, the platform will automatically account the ads earnings yesterday and total number of Bonus Dogs in the whole network to calculate the bonus allocated to each Bonus Dog owner on that day.
Bonus calculation formula: yesterday’s earnings * 0.2/number of Bonus Dog in the whole network * number of Bonus Dog held by the player.

Every day bonus will be automatically transferred to “My Wallet”and available for withdrawal from time to time.

How To Download World Trip Game APK

Download Apk Now 1

If you want to read the income of the game World Trip Game from your smartphone, then first you have to download this application on your smartphone. Downloading the World Trip game APK is very simple. We have provided you the download link button of this application above. You can download and install this application on your smartphone by clicking the Download button above.

My invitation code My invitee, My travel fan Rules of Referral Rewards

My invitation code My invitee, My travel fan Rules of Referral Rewards

1. Definition of valid travel partner/travel fan: a travel partner/fan shall own a dog at or above Lv. 4;

2. Friend activity earnings: based on the [online duration] of your travel partners and fans, [contribution from video watching], and [number of successful referrals]. The more travel partners and fans you have, the more activity earnings you receive every day;

3. The World Walk reserves the final right to interpret the game and prohibits all false referrals, including fraudulent travel partners, which may result in disqualification for rewards.

How To Register In World Trip Game App

If you want to earn money by playing part-time games from your smartphone. You first download World Trip Game APK to your smartphone and after that you create your account in this application. Because you can play in the game here until you create your account here.

How To Register In World Trip Game App

Step1: Download the World Trip game APK to your smartphone and open it.

Now a home page of this application will be open in front of you, there you will get two options mobile login Facebook login to login.

Step2: Now you can log in through Facebook at your convenience or you can log in through your mobile number here if you want.

Step3: Here you add your mobile number and verify through OTP.

Step4: Your account will be created as soon as your mobile number is verified through OTP.

Step6: After the account is created, you can play games in this application and also get a lot of free bonuses.

How To Play World Trip Game, World Trip Earning App By Taurus Cash

How To Play World Trip Game, World Trip Earning App By Taurus Cash

Friends, when you download this gaming application, you will definitely have a little problem playing. But once you learn to play this game, you are going to have a lot of fun here. Playing this game is very simple here you get two dogs in starting. Here you get 12 boxes where you can collect the dog through coins. After that, you have to mix all these dog among themselves bean to bean dog. As you move forward here you will get more coins and your income will also be increased.

Basic Play

  1. Two Dogs of The Same Level Can Synthesize More Advanced Dogs To Obtained More Gold Coins.
  2. When The Space is Full, You Can Move the Dog To The Recycle Bin.
  3. You Can Switch Different Dogs For a Walk You Move Dog To The People.
  4. During Upgrade You Can Get-Random Minutes of Bonus Dog experience
  5. Upgrade to Level 38, Can Synthesize  Permanent

Advance Play

  • In a tour group, inviting friends can get a daily active reward the more active friends you have, the more money you will make.
  • After reaching the stage objectives, The money will be deposited into your balance and can be Withdrawable.
  • You can get more bonuses for each promotion stage For example, in the 10 stages, your friends earn 10 rupees for you, and you can actually get 20 rupees in 2 times acceleration

World Trip Tour Game Play Rules

Tour group is an earning and bonus system of The World Walk open to all players, in order to maximize their earnings when playing the game. Players have fun and make monies at the same time.

1. Your tour group members include: disciples (direct referrals) and disciples’ disciples (indirect referrals).

2. Friend activity earnings: based on the [online duration] of your travel partners and fans, [contribution from video watching], and [number of successful referrals]. The more travel partners and fans you have, the more activity earnings you receive every day: 1 travel partner= 2 travel fans.

3. Description of target amount and rate

(1) As the target amount is realized and confirmed by the player, the earnings will be automatically transferred into your wallet and withdrawable immediately; furthermore, you ascend to the next stage;

(2) Ascending to the next stage is accompanied with an additional acceleration multiplying factor. The more goals you realize, the higher the acceleration multiplying factor; an acceleration multiplying factor is designed to help you realize the goals faster. For example, the active earnings from A are 12Rs and the multiplying factor is 1.2, then the actual earnings are 10 * 1.2=12Rs

StageGoalMultiplayer Factor
Stage 110X1.0
Stage 250X1.1
Stage 3250X1.2
Stage 4500X1.3
Stage 51250X1.4
Stage 62500X1.5
Stage 75000X1.6
Stage 87500X1.7
Stage 910000X1.8
Stage 1012500X2.0

4. In Case of Malicious Cheating, The Account Will Be Forced out And All Balance in the Account Will Be Deducted.

Description of current total revenue

Incomes of tour group comes from commission of active friends which are calculated based on direct invitation, activity time of spread friends, contribution ratio of watching videos, number of invited friends and other factors; the more direct invitation and spread friends, the more incomes you will get every day: 1 direct invitation = 2

Description of stage objectives

1. After the stage objectives are achieved, the money will be deposited into the wallet and can be withdrawn;

2. The higher stage, t ore extra rewards, curr income = commission of active friends * magnification of this stage

How To Earn Money Through Referrals Program

Friends you also get referral program to earn money in this application. You can invite more people to join this application by copying your referral link. In this application, the more people will join through your referral link and play the game here, the higher your income will be. As the referrals you join cross the level, you will also get income. You can earn good income every month through the referral program.

  • Go to World Trip App Invite Friends Option from Bottom Menu
  • Share Your World Trip App Referral Code / Link with Friends
  • Merge dogs to unlock different breeds
  • Dogs earn chips over time
  • Make purchases with your earned chips to raise your efficiency
  • Free play mode you’ll love. Your world, your rules

How To Collect Free Coin

You need coin to play the game in this application. Here you can play the game only through coin. Here you get lots of features to get free coins. You can get free coins through spins here. Apart from this, you get the facility to get free coins by watching the advertising here. You can get free coins every 1 hour here. The more activities you do in this application, the more free coins you can get.

How To Get 350₹ From World Trip App, Download World Trip App Earn ₹350 Free PayTM Cash Claim Now!!!

Friends, you get the facility to earn ₹350 daily in this application. If you play games well in this gaming application then you can get ₹350 daily here. Here, as you play the game, your level increases. When you reach Level 38 you get ₹350. You can transfer this ₹350 bonus to your bank account instantly.

First of All Open Given Download Link in Your Default Browser and Tap on Register Icon to Get Started with World Trip App.

promotion btn

Open Above Link in your Phone Browser and Tap on Get Started Button.

WhatsApp Image 2022 07 10 at 11.29.58 AM 1

Enter Your Mobile Number and Verify it with OTP and it will redirect you to play store and then Download World Trip Apk in your Device.

WhatsApp Image 2022 07 10 at 11.29.58 AM

Open World Trip App and Enter Your Mobile Number and Verify it with OTP Again and Go to Dashboard of World Trip App.

WhatsApp Image 2022 07 10 at 11.29.58 AM 2

Go to Dashboard and Tap on Coin Button which is in Bottom Center to Bring Dogs on Boxes and then Merge Dogs to Upgrade the Breed.

WhatsApp Image 2022 07 10 at 11.29.57 AM

Watch Ad and Then You Will Receive Up To ₹8 Bonus in Your Wallet which is fully withdrawable.

Go to Wallet and Enter Your UPI Address and Select Minimum Withdrawal Amount of ₹3 and Withdraw.

WhatsApp Image 2022 07 10 at 11.29.59 AM 1

Your withdrawal will be successful and you will receive your Free PayTM Cash instantly so here is my World Trip App Payment Proof.

You can use Spin The Wheel and Daily Check-In Bonus to Earn Coins to Purchase Dogs and Upgrade Breed to earn more cash.

WhatsApp Image 2022 07 10 at 11.29.59 AM

How To Withdrawal Money In World Trip Game

In the World Trip Game, you don’t have to worry about making a payment. You can withdraw at least ₹3 payment in this application. To make a payment withdrawal in World Trip Game, you follow the steps mentioned below.

Step1: First you open the World Trip Game.

Step2: You on the home page you will see the Me option at the bottom which you click on.

Step3: Now you will see a wallet option that you click on.

Step4: Now you get here ₹3 ₹35 ₹100 ₹300 ₹1200 ₹2500 different payment withdrawal options will appear.

Step5: First of all, you come here to add your bank account detail or UPI ID detail by clicking on the Add Card option given below.

Step6: After that, select the amount you want to withdraw the amount.

Step7: Your payment will be successfully credited to your given bank account details within 24 hours of withdrawal.

What Is Turntable Feature in World Trip Game App

You get Turntable features to get free rewards and free coins in this application. You can get tons of free coins by spinning daily here. Here you get a chance to spin in 1 Day 5 times. Here you can use whatever reward you get when you spin or coin to play the game.

What Is Rankings Features World Trip Game App

Friends, you all see ranking features at the top of the homepage of this application. Under the ranking features, information is given about the names of the top ten users and the income made by them. Here you can find out very easily who is earning the most money from users in this application. And what number is your position in this application?

FAQs of World Trip App, World Trip Earning App

Q1. Can i add the invitation code?

Ans: yes itis, New users can register within 24 hours, check my invitation code.

Q2. Can I cancel the invitation relationship?

Ans: Unbinding is not supported after a successful registration.

Q3. What are effective friends?

Ans: Your friend has a real name and the dog has reached level 4.

Q4. What is an addiction system?

Ans: For users with real names who have been online for 4 hours a day, the output of gold coins will be reduced by 50%, and when they reach 8 hours, they will be reduced by 75%

Q5. Why did the withdrawal fail or fail to reach the account?

Ans: [fail to withdraw) you can check the reason in the record of wallet<br/> [withdraw not reach] withdraw will handle by 1-3 working days without holiday, please be patient.

Q6: Why can’t I withdraw?

Ans: Input bank account information first and then withdraw.

Q7: How to get global bonus dogs?

Ans: Hello, there are three ways to get global bonus dogs. The first one is that two dogs of grade 37 synthesis have the chance to get global bonus dogs. The second one is that dogs of five continents’ synthesis can get global bonus dogs. The third one can get bonus dogs by keeping active and increasing income every day.

Q8. What are the dimensions of the group revenue system?

Ans: hi the tour group incomes come from friends active of earning.Friends’ income comes from the length of active time and the income from watching advertising, the number of invited. the more friends and funs you have the more incomes you will get.


Friends, we have given you information about the World Trip Game App through this article. If you want to earn money along with playing games then you can download this application in your smartphone. This application has just launched on the internet. If you want to earn money along with Entertainment then you immediately download this application to your smartphone by following the methods mentioned above.

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